Below is a list of upcoming outage work for D&Z at nuclear and fossil power plants. For more information about a particular site, click on the site name.

Nuclear Outage Schedule
LocationOutageTypesRegionStart DateEnd Date
Watts Bar MaintenanceSoutheast9/5/201610/5/2016
Beaver Valley MaintenanceNortheast9/28/201610/28/2016
St. Lucie MaintenanceSoutheast9/28/201610/26/2016
South Texas Project MaintenanceSoutheast10/1/201610/23/2016
Farley MaintenanceSoutheast10/2/201611/2/2016
Duane Arnold Energy Center MaintenanceMidwest10/8/201611/2/2016
Browns Ferry MaintenanceSoutheast10/16/201611/6/2016
Sequoyah Nuclear Plant MaintenanceSoutheast11/7/201612/5/2016

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Fossil Outage Schedule
LocationOutageTypesRegionStart DateEnd Date
Jeffrey Refuel/Maintenance Central Kansas9/24/201612/3/2016

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